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By Richard Sauers

Relive the ancient battles of the Civil battle during this complete assessment of the entire key conflict sites.

Written through specialist Civil struggle student Richard Sauers, Civil struggle Battlegrounds is absolutely illustrated with interval images and smooth paintings, bringing the pivotal battles to existence for historian and vacationer alike. From castle Sumter to Gettysburg to Appomattox and issues among, Sauers illuminates the trail of the struggle, delivering tales of the battles and key members besides interesting sidebars masking various comparable subject matters. He additionally covers priceless customer info for the battleground vacationer, together with cell numbers and internet sites, hours, parking information, admission charges, and to be had excursions and courses. With its wealth of concise and interesting info, Civil battle Battlegrounds enables you to stroll within the footsteps of the boys and ladies who lived, fought, and died during this bloodiest of yankee conflicts.

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